DIY Weddings, Big or Wee, with accommodation included

Comrie Croft is a wee bit different from a typical wedding venue. A 200-year-old farmstead, house and barn set around a courtyard, together with 231 acres of fields and woods. Most of the time its an award-winning green destination for people camping, hostelling or mountain biking, then someone asked us if they could get married here and we thought that sounded like a lovely idea! We've had a few outdoor and indoor weddings here since then (including our own Andrew and Malize) and even one or two couples who met here.

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So what makes the Croft a bit different from the average? 

We are flexible! (not literally though as I can't even touch my toes!) So whatever you have in mind, please let us know and we can start from there! 

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Informal & flexible

Weddings here tend to be informal affairs with a relaxed easy going atmosphere. As you are not hiring a hotel, by and large you can do things the way you want. We are not wedding planners, but we will do our very best to help you do your own thing. We have a page of excellent local suppliers, so that's a great start if you haven't already got people in mind. The barn is a blank canvas, so it does help to have some more lighting and/or decoration to make it look its best - its amazing what even some greenery, tea lights and straw bales can do! This is where many people like to involve their friends or family - its a great way for your guests to feel that they are more than that - that they are making a real contribution. 

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Relax and spend a couple of days...

The Croft is best suited for weddings where you'd like to spend a bit more time with your friends and family than the average wedding - great if you have guests coming from far and wide. We include exclusive use of all of our accommodation (up to 64 people) for at least 2 nights so that you have plenty of privacy, time together and enough time to make the place your own. Parts of the Croft are public spaces - such as the Tea Garden Cafe, mountain biking and walking trails - so we'll also ensure that whatever outdoor space you choose to use, you'll have a reasonable degree of privacy.

Keeping Costs Down

Total costs for a wedding at the Croft vary, all depending on how talented your friends and family are and to how many favours you can pull in! The accommodaiton comes included in the price which helps with cost as your guests can pay you direct for staying here (also allows you to choose who you want to spend the most time with!) For very best value avoid Friday and Saturday nights and/or have a winter wedding. For more info on our prices and what is included take a look at our rates page. 

In order to keep rates down (and because we'd be rubbish wedding planners!) the Croft is a DIY venue. This means that you can do your own thing. But it also means there is lots for you (and yours) to do - organising a wedding is like organising a big event! In order to keep stress levels down we'd highly recommend you don't take it all on yourselves. Organise a team of friends and family to do the things they are good at. Splash out on having one thing done for you - like the catering. Whatever you do, make sure you give everyone their jobs (like chair moving, announcements, music duty...) beforehand to help with the smooth runnings of the day, as they say "many hands make light work!" We'll be here to offer as much friendly advice and encouragement as you need.

We are constantly updating these webpages, but if you don't find the information you need here don't hesitate to call (01764 670140) or send us an email.